Sample Pictures

The road for the Pictures to you

At the events Im attending I will as soon as possible upload the pictures one every events link in the photo gallery.

There you will be able to see all your pictures under your back number.

I will edit the pictures you would like to purchase. Please lite me know if you have other wishes of the pictures, for example in  black&white or other ideas.

Every picture has a number, thats the code you send to me so I know what pictures we are talking about.

The pictures will be sent on whatsapp, messenger or email. You pay me by swish.

During the event I will upload the pictures in the events gallery. You find your pictures under your start number.

If you would like to purchase any pictures, send me the number of the picture. I will edit them, also let me know if you want anyone of them speacial, for ex in black&white. 

The pictures will be sent in whatsapp, messenger or email. Would you like them on a USB please let me know.