I have been around horses my entire life, they are very special for me and even if I wasn´t so happy to ride when I was young I did  love to be whit them.   When I was 13 years old I started to ride western riding, and that is what I started to shoot at and spend most of my time with horses today. I also photograph other stuff with horses like Clinic pictures,show pictures, mission pictures etc. 

And with big help from Steve Clinch and Malin Billberg at Top Performance Horses (TPH) I had the chance to evolve my skill as a horse photographer. Some times I help them with sale pictures on horses they selling for customers, training pictures & show pictures. 

Those picture you can buy from me will go to "one photo gallery". There you can see pictures before I edit them  and there you eill choose what pictures you want to buy.

How the pictures look from before editing to the finished picture you can see in the sample link. 

My own projekt photos you can buy in the Shop.