Price list



10 pictures for 2000kr

Photoshoped Pictures 350kr/pictures

Travel expensives can be charged

For bigger events please contact for more information.

The terms below are taken from Svenska Foto Förbundets domicile where the recommended terms are. These are the conditions that are the same for all photography so if you are new to what is there then you can either read this below or read on their website. Link:  Det som står här under är sida 11.

BOOKING When booking, the client must indicate the scope of the assignment, the purpose of the photograph, the manner and extent of the use of the images, the technical requirements and other instructions of importance for the assignment.

CANCELLATION If an assignment is canceled, the client must always reimburse the photographer's costs for his own cancellations that are related to the set photography. The client shall also compensate the photographer for preparation time and for canceled time that cannot be used for another assignment.

PICTURE SELECTION The photographer selects the images that can be approved and thus delivered.

COMPLAINT The client must review delivered pictures as soon as possible. If you wish to re-photograph, this must be notified immediately. The images are always considered approved when the production process for their use has been started.

RIGHT OF USE The images may be used in the manner and to the extent specifically agreed upon when ordering. Other uses require permission from the photographer. The right of use may not be granted or transferred to another without the consent of the photographer. The right of use passes to the client / end-user when full payment has been made to the photographer. The granting of rights does not include rights that are part of current or future contract licenses or equivalent licenses that are signed by the photographer's management or interest organization. If the client terminates his business, suspends his payments, becomes the subject of a chord or is placed in bankruptcy, the rights granted to the photographer will be returned without compensation.

EXCLUSIVE USE Exclusive use rights mean that the photographer does not have the right to give the image to another image user for the duration of the license. In assignment photography, a lease is non-exclusive unless otherwise expressly agreed. THE

PHOTOGRAPHER'S OWN USE The photographer always has the right to use the pictures in his own marketing or his own projects such as exhibition or book production unless otherwise stated for the assignment.

PICTURE Rendering The image must be reproduced with the greatest possible consideration for the original version. Modification, processing or transfer to another art must not be done without the permission of the photographer.

NAME STATEMENT When using an image, the photographer's name must always be stated. If no name is given, 1001% of the basic fee or adequate archive picture price will be charged according to SFF's recommendations.

METADATA Changes to the metadata of the image may only be made in consultation with the photographer.

RIGHTS TO PICTURES, RETURNS Delivered images, as well as idea and sketch images, are the property of the photographer, which after agreed use must be returned in undamaged condition.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROVIDER PURPOSE The client is responsible for ensuring that objects submitted for photography are satisfactorily insured. The photographer is not responsible for damage to or loss of such object.

PERSONAL PICTURE A personal image is a photograph in which identifiable person (s) appear in the image. The client is responsible for ensuring that such permits are found which, according to current legislation, may be required when using personal images, for example in commercial advertising and on the Internet.

PRICE AND TERMS OF PAYMENT At stated prices, VAT is added by 251%. Unless otherwise agreed, payment time and interest on interest shall apply in accordance with the Interest Act (1975: 635). The client is always responsible for payment, regardless of whether the image was used or not, as well as when ordering photography for another end customer.

UNAUTHORIZED USE M.M. In the event of unauthorized use, alteration or processing of an image, compensation corresponding to the photography fee or the current archive image price will be paid. In this case there is a damages corresponding to at least the same amount, ie 1001% surcharge. ARCHIVE The photographer undertakes to preserve digital image files / original images for a period of five years from the time of delivery.

DISPUTE SOLUTION In the event that a dispute arises as a result of the application of the Swedish Photographers' Federation's recommended terms for assignments, which cannot be resolved through deliberations between the parties, the dispute shall be tried in accordance with applicable legislation and by the general court. Swedish Photographers' Federation's recommended terms for assignments